Welcome to GIELO, jewellery designer and manufacturer.

GIELO offers a beautiful range of handmade and unique amber and silver jewellery created in our original workshop, in region of city Gdansk, Poland, the world’s most famous place for amber.

Our comprehensive production methods and resources see the production of the finest selections of amber jewellery today. All pieces as a result, show outstanding craftsmanship and gorgeous, handpicked stones combined together with quality silver settings effortlessly allow for day or fine evening wear.

GIELO Design Studio sees all products from its raw amber state right the way through to its point of sale by being a designer, manufacturer & supplier. This means we have insight into what makes amber sell, really well. By getting all import_ant feedback from our customers we are able to change, refine and deliver one of the best selling amber collections on the market today.

Our attention to detail and exceptionally high industry standards enable us, to bring something very distinctive and special to your business. This in turn, allows you to focus on providing your customers, with jewellery they will remember and come back for time and time again.

With our individual approach, to every business, we are able to offer the supply of quality amber jewellery throughout Europe and the world with superb Customer Service

If you share our passion for amber, please take a moment to view our latest collections and contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

GIELO team