GIELO is fast becoming an established and valid choice on the jewellery market today.

We have designed an inspiring range of amber and silver jewellery that has grown ever since our opening. The colourful variety of our collections from modern and simple to unique and extravagant ensures that there is something for everyone, for every occasion.

As a designer we are not only committed to delivering the finest quality on every piece we make but we are also engaged in providing a wonderful and personal feel to our collections. Every piece of amber is individual and tells a special story that is based on millions of years of history and creation where it is now, the masterpiece we now see and are able to wear. We believe that our attention to detail and unparalleled sense of style makes our jewellery unlike any other.

Our design ideas are inspired in part by the latest fashion and jewellery trends however from the very beginning our main inspiration has been amber itself and its natural beauty, warmth and femininity. We hope you’ll be able to see these characteristics throughout GIELO collection.